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Customer Support and Helpline

Call Centre: + 386 (0)1 530 530 3


TIC Novo mesto: + 386 (0)7 39 39 263


What is GoNm?

GoNm is an automatic bike rental system in the Municipality of Novo mesto. The system allows for easy bike hire, currently available at 15 rental stations.

How can I rent a bike?

To rent a bike you need to have a proper card and be registered. You can pick up a bike at any one of the stations using the card, and when you have finished with it you can check it back in at the same or a different station.

How do I start using the system?

You must register before using the system for the first time. You need to fill in an application form which can be obtained from the Tourist Information Centre − TIC Novo mesto, 11 Main Square (Glavni trg 11).

How many bikes are available, and where can they be picked up?

There are a total of 75 bikes that can be picked up at 15 stations:

  1. Novi trg/New Square
  2. Ulica Slavka Gruma/Slavko Grum Street
  3. BTC center Bršljin/The BTC Centre of Bršljin
  4. Ločna-Seidlova cesta/Ločna-Seidl Street
  5. Šolski center Novo mesto/Novo mesto School Centre
  6. Ragovska ulica/Ragovska Street
  7. Kandijski most/Kandija Bridge
  8. Glavni trg/Main Square
  9. Center-Seidlova cesta/Centre-Seidl Street
  10. Topliška cesta/Topliška Street
  11. Drska
  12. OŠ Bršljin/Bršljin Primary School
  13. OŠ Šmihel/Šmihel Primary School
  14. Podbreznik
  15. Adria

You can check the exact locations of the stations on the map below.

How long can I keep the bike?

Bike hire is limited to 14 hours (840 minutes) per week for all users of the system. You can check your remaining time at the information terminal or at www.gonm.si at any time.

How much does it cost to rent a bike?

A user card must be purchased when registering in the system.

GoNm users can choose between the following options:

  • An annual membership fee for users who log in to the system costs €25 per calendar year;
  • A monthly membership fee of €5 is also available.

The membership fee is valid for the calendar year.

How do we use the system?

Who provides this free service, and why?

Once you are a member of the scheme, renting a bike is free of charge; the service is made possible by the urban municipality of Novo mesto and the companies that have joined the project as donors or partners. In doing this, we aim to provide both residents and visitors with bikes to move around the town, to go shopping and run errands, while at the same time taking care of their health and contributing to a better and more comfortable stay in our town.

Partners and project donors:

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