Leon Štukelj Year in Novo mesto

date: 03. 01. 2018

In 2018, Novo mesto will be honouring the 120th anniversary of the birth of the greatest Slovenian Olympic athlete and a native of Novo mesto, Leon Štukelj. To this end, the municipality of Novo mesto will be emphasizing the importance of a healthy sports spirit embodied by our fellow townsman throughout the year

With the goal of presenting all the elements that lead to higher quality of living in our municipality, we are preparing an abundant set of activities, nevertheless, we will also take account of the numerous traditions of our rich cultural heritage.


Leon Štukelj as a symbol of vitality and a healthy attitude to life

The Municipality of Novo mesto will mark the important and honourable jubilee of Leon Štukelj with an illustrative exhibition on his life and his many sporting successes at the Museum of Dolenjska, with a grand opening on November 12, 2018, on what would be Štukelj's 120th birthday. On this day, the main event of the Štukelj Year will also be held, which is intended for the citizens and visitors to highlight the values that Leon Štukelj emanates: the winner of six Olympic medals was not only a superb gymnast but also a symbol of vitality and a healthy attitude towards life in all age brackets with his healthy spirit, clear thoughts and cosmopolitan worldview.


The Sokol organization: the integrity of man with the power of body, the power of spirit, the power of heart and the power of character

This year also marks the 130th anniversary of the founding of the Sokol organization, which undoubtedly represents one of the most important cornerstones of sports tradition in Novo mesto. The organization's fundamental goal was the integrity of man, which can be achieved with the power of body, the power of spirit, the power of heart and the power of character. Twenty years after being founded, the organization was joined also by Leon Štukelj. The tradition of the Sokol movement was followed by many sports associations, clubs and individuals in Novo mesto, who were achieving top results in the second half of the 20th century and up to the present day, both at national and international levels.


Sports heritage as an important element of the town's cultural heritage

In the Štukelj Year 2018, we would like to connect the intertwinement of a healthy spirit, sports and recreational activities and green areas that the town of Novo mesto is proud of with the traditions of cultural heritage and cultural tourism. Nonetheless, the year 2018 has been proclaimed European Year of Cultural Heritage; therefore, we want to combine cultural tradition with sports and tourist offer in a unique way. The history of the first sports games in the Dolenjska region, painted even on the famous situlas from Novo mesto, dates back to the period of the Hallstatt civilization from the 7th to the 4th centuries B.C. The extraordinary situlas present paintings of wrestling, archery, competitions with horse-drawn carriages and fishing which in those times was not a sports activity, but a way of survival.


A Healthy Spirit in Novo mesto

The purpose of the Štukelj Year 2018 in the Municipality of Novo mesto is to build integrity in all areas, as we trust that a healthy body is the foundation for a healthy mind, healthy emotions, creativity, work and a transfer of ethical and moral values through the education of the young generations. All this presents a prerequisite for a happy and harmonious life of an individual in natural and social surrounding environment. Through various cultural, sporting, social and entertainment events, we will encourage and build the atmosphere of a healthy spirit in the municipality of Novo mesto for all generations, without inequality or exclusions, and with a special approach to vulnerable groups.